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Baby 2.0 — Your Survival Guide To The Next Year Of Parenthood

Congratulations you survived the first year of parenthood! It was rough but worth it. This article is an INTERVENTION to any parent thinking it gets easier from here on out. In the coming year, your adorable little one will be hitting a new set of developmental milestones.

You thought the first year was rough? The year ahead will have you longing for little annoyances like a diaper blowout. Forget everything you learned — that was merely the warmup — you are about to embark on Baby 2.0.

Here are a few things you can…

2020 — Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

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It’s November 1st, Halloween has come and gone. Tuesday is Election Day, and the promise that many will be unhappy with the results regardless of which candidate wins. Calling 2020 an odd year would be an understatement. If I woke up tomorrow morning to find an alien ship on my front lawn, it wouldn’t faze me, I’d probably make them coffee and ask them about their trip. That’s an indicator of how the year has gone so far.

I’m about to start my eighth month of working from home, fully aware I won’t be returning to the office anytime soon. Back in March, when I went underground, they instructed us to stay home and flatten the curve, but in New York City, the line kept going straight up. Those first months were rough. Bars, restaurants, and movie theaters were closed, the NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball, the Kentucky Derby, and the 2020 Summer Olympics were all canceled. …

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Hi, my name is Frank Priegue, I’m the father of an autistic child. It felt good to write that. This isn’t a deeply held secret, our family and friends are aware. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve included hashtags like, #autismawareness, and #autismdads to my posts for well over a year. I’ve allluded to Cristian’s autism but never dedicated a post to this topic until now. This is Cristian’s official coming out as an autistic child.

Although greater awareness exists these days, few individuals without a relationship to someone on the spectrum know much about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Before I became a parent, my only exposure came from the film Rainman. …


Frank Priegue

Writer, Father, Autism Advocate. Follow my blog

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