2020 — Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Frank Priegue
4 min readNov 2, 2020
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It’s November 1st, Halloween has come and gone. Tuesday is Election Day, and the promise that many will be unhappy with the results regardless of which candidate wins. Calling 2020 an odd year would be an understatement. If I woke up tomorrow morning to find an alien ship on my front lawn, it wouldn’t faze me, I’d probably make them coffee and ask them about their trip. That’s an indicator of how the year has gone so far.

I’m about to start my eighth month of working from home, fully aware I won’t be returning to the office anytime soon. Back in March, when I went underground, they instructed us to stay home and flatten the curve, but in New York City, the line kept going straight up. Those first months were rough. Bars, restaurants, and movie theaters were closed, the NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball, the Kentucky Derby, and the 2020 Summer Olympics were all canceled. Sports fans wondered aloud if this is what the Middle Ages were like.

The biggest problem was people trying to lead their lives the way they did before the Pandemic — some still are.

I’ve been home since St. Patrick’s Day, how’s that for irony? In the 231 days I’ve been home, I realized the glass wasn’t empty or half full. Good things happened along the way. You just had to be paying attention.

In the past 231 days, I noticed:

I Enjoyed Spending Time With My Son — I’ve written about remote learning with an overactive five-year-old with a short attention span as he ran, bounced, and climbed the walls like he had three Red Bulls for breakfast. It’s been enough to make me reach for my emotional-support bourbon.

The benefit of spending the past months with my son Cristian, is I’ve seen his growth and development in real-time. He now dresses himself, is potty trained, and speaks more clearly. Sitting next to him during class time and therapy sessions showed me how smart he is and gave me a glimpse of his playful personality.

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